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F1 Spy Revealed! #F1Buzz

by on July 19, 2012

Let me tell you
A little tale
Of an F1 journo
Of epic scale

So grab a seat
Let the story begin
And grab yourself
Some Juice and Gin

There’s a young man
Certifiably legit
But he’s got a secret
I just have to admit

Our friend Jordan Irvine
Has an “Alter Ego”
We know it best
As “Spy Amigo”

Our friendly neighborhood
F1 spy
Has his ear to the tarmac
And an eagle eye

He brings us the news
From the Paddock
Cleverly sleuthy
Like that chap Sherlock

He gets fans the story
And that late braking rumor
Then shares it with us
Over frosty cold “Schooner”

Responsive and friendly
He’s a twitter delight
Tweeting all day
And most of the night

Professionally witty
Never brash or crass
When it comes to his job
He kicks serious ass

No one can do it
Quite like he does
He’s the F1 spy
With the F1Buzz

Check out his blog
His work is the bomb
It’s IrvineF1
Dot Blogspot Dot Com

#SpyAmigo (Jordan Irvine) And Me with a ” Frosty Cold Schooner”

Jordan Irvine’s blog can be found here:

Author: Ernie Black
Twitter: @TheF1Poet


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