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by on July 20, 2012

Here we Go
In Hockenheim
Free practice Friday
In a clever rhyme

We started the day
Not quite so wet
Who’d finish on top
Was anyone’s bet

But wet and wild
Was the general gist
As the rains came down
And did persist

Free Practice 1
Was a pleasant surprise
To the top of the charts
Jenson Button would rise

That updated McLaren
Seemed to be the class
It has new sidepods
And a really tight ass

Lewis snagged second
That left him feeling

Top five rounded out
By Alonso and Schumi
Perez followed closely
Under skies that were gloomy

Free Practice two
Gave some action
But like Jagger said
There was no satisfaction

Schumacher spun
Left the circuit and all
Damaged his Merc
Hitting the tyre wall

Most of the field
went for a spin
off-roading a bit
Before heading back in

A difficult session
Not much data gathered
The wet rainy conditions
Were too much of a hazard

By the end of it all
It was Pastor on top
Putting in a good lap
When the rain did stop

Rosberg was second
But his gearbox went POP
Five spots on the grid
After qualy he’ll drop

More rain tomorrow
The dice will role
It’s a crap shoot
For who will get pole

Come on F1 fans
Get pumped and ready
We’re in Deutschland
For the German GP

Author: Ernie Black
Twitter: @TheF1Poet

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