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Today’s Top F1 News Stories

by on August 1, 2012


Firstly, I must apologize for my absence of late and for allowing the blog to go a bit stale.  I usually work pretty hard to ensure that there is some fresh content however, life at times does throw a few curve balls into the mix.  Luckily, stale is not moldy, therefore, let’s reverse the effects by quickly posting some links to some of the top F1 news stories of the day.

We’ll start with what Jenson Button thinks of McLaren’s strategy:

Christian Horner is looking over his shoulder and sees a charging Kimi Raikkonen in his Lotus and is very aware of his threat:

This is what Ross Brawn thinks Mercedes AMG main priority should be, and it’s not signing Schumacher:

If F1 fans wanted a tyre war to spice up the show, Pirelli was able to give them a show without having to go to war.  Here is what Pirelli say about an F1 tyre war, courtesy of our friends at

Half the F1 season is over, how would you rate it?  This is what Sky Sports has to say about the F1 2012 season thus far:

As many of us would love in-season testing to return, teams don’t seem to be as warm to the idea.  It seems that changes are coming next season:

Ernie Black
Twitter: @Goggs_on_F1


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