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F1: 50 Shades Of @ScarbsF1

by on August 29, 2012

Over the years
We’ve come to love
A man, who thousands,
Speak highly of

His name is Scarbs
He’s one of a kind
F1’s technical guru
That will blow your mind

I.T. hero by day
Is his occupation
To UK’s Cinemas
He is a salvation

A family man
And super nice guy
Fan favorite blogger
With an “Eagle Eye”

He uncovers the secrets
F1 teams try to hide
Then sketches it out
And acts as our guide

Patiently explains
The technical stuff
Without dressing it up
With superficial fluff

Down and dirty
In a technical way
Sketching Formula One’s
“50 shades of Grey”

To F1 fans
His work is flirtatious
With passion and fervor
It’s almost salacious

I kid, I joke
But truth be known
Craig Scarborough
Owns the technical throne

He’s humble and gracious
And a real top bloke
True to his word
No mirrors or smoke
Is where he is found
He’ll capture attention
Amaze and astound

Follow on Twitter
Believe you me
He won’t be outdone


Twitter: @ScarbsF1



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