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F1: Belgian GP Preview Poem

by on August 29, 2012

F1 returns
The break is done
Those five long weeks
Were surely no fun

Off to Belgium
For the Grand Prix
Is where we’ll all be

From Luxembourg airport
Straight on to Spa
In under two hours
Without breaking the law

A fantastic track
I can hardly wait
The last half of the season
Is going to be great

A high speed track
With long teasing straights
The legend “Eau Rouge”
That tests even the greats

Elevation changes
That climb and then dip
And the change of direction
That stings like a whip

Les Combes and Rivage
And even La Source
Test each driver
With gravitational force

It’s 44 laps
Of heaven and hell
Placing us all
Under it’s mystical spell

Updates will be run
Strategies are at play
The rain can cause havoc
From day to day

Who will be quickest?
Who shall surprise?
Who’ll claim the top step
And claim the top prize?

McLaren will bring
Their DDRS
So too will Lotus
They’re all here to impress

Alonso’s ahead
40 points is his lead
He’ll need to be flawless
And carry more speed

Vettel and Webber
Are coming up fast
They’ll make sure
Alonso’s harassed

Lewis and Kimi
Smell blood in the air
They’ll take no prisoners
And simply won’t care

Race number 300
For Michael Schumacher
His Mercedes could win
And that won’t be a shocker

It’s all up for grabs
The race re-commences
It’s balls to the wall
Throw up all defenses

Get ready to rumble
Wave fists and shout
It’s Go Go Go
When those lights go out!

Author: Ernie Black
Twitter: @TheF1Poet

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