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F1 : Why It May Not Be Looking Promising For Ferrari In Spa

by on August 30, 2012

Many people have been pointing the finger at McLaren and Lotus to shine this weekend in Spa Belgium, particularly if the sun shines on Sunday.  McLaren has come off a solid win the last time out in Hungary.  Their upgrades have seemed to help with the balance and grip of the car and Lewis is said (by some) to be the championship favorite as the second half of the season commences.   Lotus has also come on strong.   They have impressed enough that pundits and rivals are actually considering Kimi a legitimate threat for the drivers championship.

Peter Windsor on the other hand, has indicated that he likes the two Red Bulls this weekend.  He fancies a Mark Webber win.  Perhaps he’s chatted with Newey during the break and knows something we don’t.

Why have people discounted Ferrari then?  The rumour is that Alonso has been caught late in the dark night, in howling winds under dim moon light, doing the native Belgian rain dance.  The current championship leader himself is publicly saying that he doesn’t like Ferrari’s chances for victory this weekend unless the rain lends some assistance.

Historically speaking this season, Ferrari have been strong in inclement and variable weather.  This is primarily down to Alonso’s car control and amazing skills in these conditions.  In the dry however, they have struggled where top speed is essential and in tyre management/strategy situations.  The team has yet to convincingly take a victory in a dominant fashion.

Alonso explains, “I don’t know at the moment, but looking at this year’s championship, maybe a wet race is better for us. At the same time, wet means more risk.”  To me, this is an indirect admission that he doesn’t believe he has the package to fight for the win in the dry.

Perhaps he doesn’t have to win though.  With 40 points to the good, just scoring points can help him stay ahead of his rivals.  He knows this, which is why he’s looking to the heavens for some help.  “I think with the championship you must finish races, you must always score points and a wet race means more risk,” he said. “But, it is more of a risk for everybody.”
You can find the Weather Outlook for this weekend’s Belgian GP here :

Suggested pre-race reading :


Author: Ernie Black
Twitter: @Goggs_on_F1



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