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High Speed, Low Downforce And No Bullshit – Monza via PitLane Magazine

by on September 4, 2012

I recently wrote a couple of articles for PitLane Magazine, which I wanted to share with my readers and blog followers.  I simply want to redirect you to these articles if you are so inclined to read them.

The first one is an article about Pirelli called, Pirelli – 140 Years And Still In Control (found here:  A historic look back its roots which ties in nicely with a great interview conducted by friend Matthew Somerfield (@SommersF1)  with Pirelli Motorsports Director Paul Hembery (found here: )

Given the proximity to the Italian GP at one of Formula One’s epic circuits, I really wanted to share my MONZA preview with you.  Entitled High Speed, Low Downforce And No Bullshit (found here: , this article should get you in a randy mood.  It includes a look back in history, the circuit specifics and the complete listing of the weekend’s events.

I snipped this little piece out to give you a little taste:

A Lap Of Monza

Having had the opportunity and absolute pleasure to drive the famous circuit I can tell you this track kicks.Proper. Like a mule at its first ever visit to the proctologists.  It’s hard on engines hard on brakes, hard on suspension as you attack the curbs and  hell on the nerves.

Strap yourself in, indulge me for a moment as I take you for quick lap around the storied, bumpy and very fast Monza race track.  There are three high speed straights, two slow turns, one monster high-speed right hander and zero room for error.  GO GO GO


  • Launch off the line, full throttle drifting slightly to the left, hard brake into the first chicane, quick right then hard left.
  • Hard on the throttle, fuse your right foot to the pedal and pin it to the ground.
  • Climbing through the gears quicker than a McLaren pit stop.
  • Lift, down-shift and brake hard into the second chicane cutting and climbing the high curbs.
  • Back on the throttle, through the majestic lush green royal park, lifting round the lesmos
  • Stomp on the throttle as though to will your foot through the floor board again before braking violently into the Varianti Ascari, using all of the road (and more).
  • Again hard on the throttle for a long high speed stretch behind the pits approaching the final turn
  • Brake, once more, dipping to the inside under the shade,  into another right hander known as Parabolica, powering through gingerly yet willingly, where hitting the apex just right can make one soil their trousers.
  • Finally, flat out again past pit wall to cross the start/finish and start another adrenaline filled lap.


Author: Ernie Black
Twitter: @Goggs_on_F1

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