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F1 FEATURE: Italian Grand Prix – Prepare For Battle

by on September 6, 2012

Back to back races
No rest for F1
From Spa to Monza
Teams scramble and run

Reporters pack bags
And write their reports
Sleep doesn’t exist
Rest is their last resort

Logistically challenged,
Teams get the job done
Preparing the cars
For their first run

PitLane is now open
Interviews are queued
Head games are played
Rivalries are renewed

The air is electric
Passion runs deep
The tension is felt
Title rivals can’t sleep

Button is quite fresh
Off his Belgian win
Renewed confidence
With a mighty big grin

Lewis is ready
He has something to prove
Somewhat frustrated
He’s out of his groove

Alonso still leads
He’s ready to fight
A Ferrari win
Is a Tifosi delight

Vettel and Webber
Still fancy a chance
Red Bull Racing
Are ready to dance

A Kimi Win
At the wheel of his Lotus
Would wake up his rivals
And make them take notice

As F1 bids Europe
A final farewell
It’s war on the track
And media hell

It’s the fastest track
Drivers must commit
Balls of brass required
No room for bullshit

There is nowhere else
I’d rather be
Than track-side at Monza
For the Italian Grand Prix

Author: Ernie Black
Twitter: @TheF1Poet

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