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F1 Silly Season: Rumour Mill Out Of Control

by on September 6, 2012

Eddie Jordan and Bernie
Have caused a stir
Speculation and rumors
Causing logic to blur

Twitter’s a mess
As journalists scramble
Picking what to believe
Has proven a gamble

Will Schumi retire?
Is this the new plan?
Is it his final kick
At the F1 can?

What about Massa?
Will he be sacked?
Is he damaged goods?
Is his confidence cracked?

How about this
For a little twist
Schumi back to Ferrari
OR has this been dismissed?

Is Mercedes prepared
To lure Lewis away?
Will McLaren offer enough
For Lewis to stay?

Who’ll replace Massa
If his seat becomes free
It’s a total enigma
To who it might be

Could Petrov be out
If sponsors won’t pay?
Who might replace him
At the end of the day?

Has shown good pace
In Ferrari’s garage
Might we see his face?

Perez and Kobay
Would love Massa’s seat
I bet the little Brazilian
Is feeling the heat

Rubens and Sutil
Want back into the sport
Would they be considered
As a team’s last resort?

It’s a strategic game
Of Truth or Dare
Where lies are leverage
And meant to scare

It’s a Rubik’s Cube puzzle
That has us all stumped
As Bernie sits smiling
And has us all trumped

I don’t Know about some
But as for me
I’ll believe when I see it
I think you’ll agree

Author: Ernie Black
Twitter: @TheF1Poet

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