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F1: Speed Alone May Not Be Enough For Singapore Sling – McLaren vs Alonso

by on September 19, 2012

I chatted with a friend of mine, on his way to Singapore to cover the Grand Prix.  Certainly a grand prix on the F1 schedule that I regret not being able to go to.  As we joked about trying to pronounce some of the menu items at the local restaurant, while tongue-tied and slurring from the over abundant Singapore Sling consumption, I mentioned the rather wet forecast for the weekend.

There are several “meteo” sites that are reporting differing forecasts for the weekend, but all of them have the possibility for rain on each of the three GP days.  This lead to a quick discussions about the setup for this circuit and how speed alone is not going to be enough to win this race.

While it is true that Pole position is always coveted, some teams may aim for a qualifying setup and hope it will be enough for the race on Sunday.  Paddy Lowe at McLaren alluded to the fact that he fancies the team’s position for a stronger qualifying as the trend seems to be favorable.

The wet weather will play into these calculations however.  On a tight circuit, it’s always best to be in front, such as in Monaco.  Overtaking is not as friendly and there is less chance of getting caught up in a pile up, especially if the circuit is slick.

We know McLaren is in the driver’s seat in terms of best overall performing car, arguably.  We also know that Alonso has been able to work his magic in inhospitably wet conditions with his under performing and over achieving F2012.  This may turn out to be a street fight between McLaren calculation and Alonso skill.

McLaren are chasing Red Bull in the Constructor’s championship and now both Lewis and Jenson are chasing down Fernando in the Driver’s championship.

We cannot discount either of the Red Bulls who will certainly be charging for victory as they are closer to catching Alonso and extending their lead in the WCC.  Nor can we forget about the performances of Lotus, Sauber and Williams.

Grab your Singapore Sling, sit back and sip it, this promises to be one heck of an interesting Formula One GP weekend.  As my mate boarded his flight yesterday, he mentioned how much he was really looking forward to this race.  He believes this grand prix may be the turning point to the season.

You can see the weather forecast here: F1 Singapore GP WEATHER

You can see the complete list of GP weekend events here: Singtel Singapore GP Events List

You can see the FIA Press Conference Schedule here: FIA Press Conference Schedule
Author: Ernie Black
Twitter: @Goggs_on_F1



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