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F1 : The Deals Are Done

by on September 25, 2012

We all want to know why the silly season has been in full swing but no one is saying a word about anything.  Would you like to know why things are so quiet?  Because the deals are done.  This is what we are expected by some to believe.

Thus far, the only deal we know to be done and dusted is the one year deal for Mark Webber at Red Bull Racing.  Then uncle Bernie lets the proverbial cat out of the bag about Schumacher retiring at the end of the season.  Was this a slip of the tongue in error, or was this the clever old goat getting the best of us and stirring the F1 pot as only he can?

Following Ecclestone’s verbal slip, Eddie Jordan spews a little tid-bit of information that coincides with Bernie’s comment.  With Schumacher’s vacancy clearing the way for Lewis to move to Mercedes, EJ’s comments spark another fire.  Further fanning the flames, is the reported multi-million pound offer apparently on the table for Lewis to make the switch.

On to Massa, who is the original topic of silly season discussions.  He was supposed to be replaced by Webber until Red Bull retained his services.  After Malaysia, Perez was the one that was to take his place.  Later still, Hulkenberg and Di Resta were next in line. While cold water dampened these stories, they haven’t gone away.  Every time Massa slips or trips, a new story emerges, even so far as to say the decisions have been made.

In Singapore, I got wind of a back room story, that was actually tweeted by someone, that a one deal for Massa was actually signed two weeks ago.  Though to be fair, she didn’t claim the news was confirmed by anyone.  Uncle Bernie would have you believe that Lewis has already decided to move to Mercedes and that the deal was done as far back as one month ago.

So then, are we to believe that this is Schumacher’s second swan song?  Is the old German ready to call it a day after being unable to win a single race since coming back? Who then takes the place of Lewis at McLaren?

Folks, believe none of it. Not one single solitary stitch of it.

Massa is still fighting for his drive. Ferrari know there are several drivers in line for Massa’s seat and they have their pick of strong (but not too strong) number two drivers. While Massa would love to make an announcement, Ferrari are in no rush.  They know that Dominos will fall and opportunity comes to those who wait.

Lewis knows his chances of winning lie with McLaren although he may be disenchanted with them at the moment.  He knows of the stories of big numbers and potential offers from Mercedes, whether true or not, he is using that as leverage, cleverly.

And Schumi? He tried retirement and didn’t like it.  He doesn’t need the money, he needs something to do.  Two wheels almost proved fatal for him.  F1 has been home away from home for the seven time champion.  He’s in a German team where he promotes a German car to German fans and that works well for both himself and Mercedes.  I can’t see him retiring nor can I see Mercedes making a driver change before 2014.

These are all opinions.  Are the deals done? You’re guess is as good as mine…
Author: Ernie Black
Twitter: @Goggs_on_F1


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