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#F1 Will Vettel Do It Again?

by on September 25, 2012

How many of you remember the 2010 Formula One driver’s championship?  Going into the final round, Alonso lead Webber by 8 points and Vettel by 15 points.

Ferrari’s new ace was poised and ready to hoist the drivers championship trophy in Abu Dhabi.  It seemed almost a foregone conclusion that he would be crowned champion.

During the race, pit stop strategy and traffic opened the door for disaster, and disaster welcomed itself into Alonso’s living room.  In an effort to cover off Webber in pit strategy, the opportunity was handed to Vettel and he took it.

Alonso found himself behind drivers he needed to overtake in order to win however trapped behind a pesky Vitaly Petrov he failed to do so. The young German, Vettel,  won the race, with the two  McLarens  behind.  Finishing a distant seventh, Alonso fell four points short of Vettel overall, thereby handing “Finger Boy” his first ever Formula One championship.

One should not that the final race of the season was the first time Sebastian Vettel actually led the 2010 World Championship.

It is for this reason, that I urge everyone who has already concluded that Alonso has won, to think cautiously.  It is  true that the situation is different in 2012. There are more players in the mix of a much more volatile scenario, we should learn never to count out the talented young German in an Adrian Newey designed machine.

Someone once said something about counting chicks before they hatch…wish I could remember the saying…
Author: Ernie Black
Twitter: @Goggs_on_F1



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