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#F1 – Jenson Button’s 9 Lives

by on October 3, 2012

We joke about cats having nine lives, although we know full well they don’t.  Cats have a funny knack of finding ways to survive situations, that would convince any observer that it would not be possible to do so.

At the end of 2008, with the global economic depression claiming many entities, several companies and corporations were prompted to change and redirect priorities.

Honda happened to be one of many auto manufacturers that was forced to make such changes.  Formula One lost Toyota, BMW and Honda to the realignment of spending priorities in order to weather and survive the economic storm.

As such, Honda’s lifeline in Formula One seemed to have come to an end. This would have left Rubens Barrichello and Jenson Button both without a drive for the 2009 season.  Both seemed to be on the declining side of a career that never yielded the fruit they had hoped.

With some clever negotiations, Ross Brawn swept in and salvaged the team as well as Button’s career and using up one of his 9 lives (and of course that of Barrichello).  I’m sure you don’t need a history lesson in what happened next.  Button’s 2009 World Championship helped him secure a drive at McLaren alongside former F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton.

Many believed that the young feisty Hamilton would simply embarrass and walk all over Button in the same equipment.  Yet here we are at the tail end of the 2012 season, and Button has not only been able to escape embarrassment but also outlast the man who was supposedly going to put the final nail in his F1 career.  There goes another life…

First off, well done Jenson…now how many lives you reckon you have left?

Author: Ernie Black
Twitter: @Goggs_on_F1


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