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Pre-Japanese GP Poem As Read By Peter Windsor

by on October 3, 2012

Big thanks to Peter Windsor and the crew at Smibs.TV for giving my poem a stage and a voice.

No rest for the wicked
F1 is a buzz
Let’s take a look back
At the week that was

The guessing is over
The deal has been done
The trigger’s been pulled
On Mercedes’ gun

Lewis will bid
McLaren Goodbye
Only he really knows
The true reasons why

An interesting move
By the young Brit
One would have to admit

And Checo Perez
Gets a crack with McLaren
Where his trophy case
Surely won’t be barren

And What about Schumi?
Where does this leave him?
Has he been dismissed?
Does his future look grim?

Will he replace Checo?
Or will he go home?
Back to Ferrari perhaps?
Where all roads lead to Rome?

Silly season still swings
Speculations abound
There is still a new champion
That needs to be crowned

Six races left
And things are tight
We’re all going to be treated
To one heck of a fight

The next stop is Japan
Beside the big wheel
It’s a figure of eight
That’s almost surreal

Turn 130R
Makes for a white knuckle drive
Where the fearless and brave
Are designed to thrive

Soft and hard tyres
Will set the stage
For a strategic battle
In which teams will engage

Alonso still leads
The title chase
But he’s concerned
Over his lack of pace

Vettel’s Red Bull
Is charging hard
He’ll attack with fury
And little regard

We’ll have to be patient
As things unfold
The final outcome
Cannot be foretold

Thanks for watching
The Flying Lap
On Smibs.TV
With this Peter Windsor chap

Author: Ernie Black
Twitter: @TheF1Poet

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