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#F1 : Vettel Shows Alonso “The Finger”

by on October 15, 2012

It would seem that Red Bull Racing have finally cracked the mystery of the  2013 F1 season.  It appeared that McLaren had been the team to do it, as we saw them bag three victories in a row from Hungary to Italy.  Suddenly the wheels seemed to have come off altogether for the Woking boys.

In the mean time, Adrian Newey sat there with paper and pencil in hand and penned a brilliant little DDRS system that no one expected.  Flying under the radar but always in the championship hunt, two-time champion Sebastian Vettel emerged as a clear favorite for the title.

Having won the last three races in rather convincing and unchallenged form, he has taken the lead in the driver’s championship race.  Some may argue that this all comes down to Alonso’s misfortune with unlucky DNFs.  Those same people should be reminded that Vettel had some unlucky issues with his alternator which caused him to fail to finish.

If one were to call it a wash and declare a fair fight and a fresh start from Korea to Brazil, Vettel is clearly the favorite.  He is confident, has momentum and is driving what appears to be, the best race car on any circuit at the moment.

Alonso can do nothing except hope the chaps in Maranello can find a way to squeeze more pace out of the F2012.   An order they have failed to fill in the second half of this season thus far.  He has been hailed by fellow drivers as possibly the best on the grid this season for over-achieving with a clearly under-achieving car.

As far as RBR and Vettel are concerned, they would like nothing more than to continue to show Alonso and Ferrari the rear of the RB8 and “The Finger”…

Author: Ernie Black
Twitter: @Goggs_on_F1



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