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#F1 Poem : The Title Chase

by on October 16, 2012

Let us pay tribute
To Dan Wheldon our friend
To his friends and family
Our sympathies we extend

He raced like a champion
Without fear or regret
Your smile my friend
We shall never forget

Now, the Korean Grand Prix
Is in the books
Red Bull and Vettel
Ran off like crooks

Vettel pipped Webber
And never looked back
No other driver
Could mount an attack

His biggest threat
Was his tyre degradation
For fear one might “pop”
With every rotation

The calls from pitwall
Were somewhat frantic
Dismissed by Vettel
As a joke or tactic

This was quite clear
As he stretched the gap
On lap fifty-five
with his own fastest lap

Alonso was forced
To just run his own race
His F2012
Just did not have the pace

From four points ahead
To six points behind
I can only imagine
What’s crossing his mind

Just weeks ago
It was Nando’s to lose
Now the frustrated Spaniard
Must be singin’ the blues

Shifting gears now
To a team in transition
McLaren needs pace
And some new ammunition

They lost second spot
In the constructor’s race
But believe me folks
They won’t stop giving chase

It is now time
For an honorable mention
To drivers with heart
That deserve some attention

Well done to Massa
Who’s career will survive
And also to Kimi
For another great drive

To Hulkenberg though,
I tip my hat
He’s defiantly quick
And ready for combat

In less than two weeks
In India we’ll be
Another F1 battle
For supremacy

Author: Ernie Black
Twitter: @TheF1Poet


From → F1 POEMS, Formula One

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