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F1 Poem : As Featured On The Flying Lap – Episode 89

by on November 7, 2012

For those of you interested, here is the poem featured on the After Show Talk of Episode 89 of The Flying Lap with Peter Windsor and Nigel Roebuck.  (Smibs.TV, @TheFlyingLap, @PeterDWindsor)

Welcome race fans
To The Flying Lap
Where the last two Grand Prix
We shall recap

Let’s welcome a chap
To this fine production
A Motorsport hero
Who needs no Introduction

Mr. Nigel Roebuck
A man with few peers
Has covered Motorsports
For Forty-plus years

Let’s take a look back
At the Indian Grand Prix
Where Red Bulls flew
And Cows roamed free

Try as he might
Alonso failed to win
Vettel crossed the line first
With his boyish grin

Webber was third
His Red Bull was sick
Without his KERS
He just wasn’t as quick

No one could challenge
Adrian Newey’s machine
After the Indian Grand Prix
Vettel led by thirteen

Shortly thereafter
A contract was signed
Between Kimi and Lotus
Who remain aligned

Abu-Dhabi was next
And boy what a treat
I spent most of the race
On the edge of my seat

Lewis started on Pole
Vettel from pit lane
In the end it was Kimi
Who victorious would reign

There were safety car periods
After crashes and clashes
Then plenty of passes
And quick pit stop dashes

On the 20th lap
Hamilton lost power
He walked back to the pits
And took a cold shower

The day belonged
To a Flying Finn
So my sincerest congrats
To Kimi Raikkonen

Alonso raced hard
As Kimi he chased
Not quick enough though
As second he placed

Sebastian Vettel
Had a near perfect drive
Across the line third
The young German arrived

At the end of it all
Vettel leads by ten
Alonso is left
To try harder again

It’s anyone’s title
With two races remaining
But it’s Vettel’s to lose
As momentum he’s gaining

Next stop is Austin
Go big or Go home
Where Alonso needs blessings
Directly from Rome

Author: Ernie Black
Twitter: @TheF1Poet

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