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#F1 : Exclusive For Episode 90 Of The Flying Lap

by on November 14, 2012

This poem was written for episode 90 of The Flying Lap as a preview to the US GP in Austin Texas.   If you’ve caught the show online, it was read by the incomparable Peter Windsor.

Here it is for your entertainment.

It’s Episode 90
Of the Flying Lap
In the  Lone Star state
Is where we’re at

We’ll take a look
At the US Grand Prix
As F1 arrives
In the “Land Of The Free”

But before we begin
Let’s welcome our guest
A Sport’s Anchorman
Who’s one of the best

He’s a Motorsport nut
A true Petrol Head
An F1 fanatic
Who’s a real thoroughbred

Welcome Bob Varsha
From the SPEED Channel
Your with Peter Windsor
On the Flying Lap Panel

Let’s look ahead
To this weekend’s race
The Circuit Of The Americas
Is an astonishing place

It sets the scene
For the next round
Where a new F1 champion
Might just be crowned

Many might say
It’s Vettel’s to lose
He’s set his Red Bull
On permanent cruise

Still a two-horse race
Alonso won’t quit
It’s an uphill battle
One would have to admit

All season long
He has out performed
Leading the points
As around he stormed

But his F-twenty-twelve
Has not been class leading
A fact he has stated
And finally conceding

Be that as it may
It’s still all unknown
Alonso can still capture
The F1 throne

The circuit is new
A mystery to all
It might be the scene
Of an epic brawl

A one stopper or two
It’s anyone’s guess
Even Pirelli
Is in some distress

Let’s not discount
McLaren and Lotus
They might make some noise
So you better take notice

Anything can happen
And it probably will
Here’s hoping the champion
Is crowned in Brazil

Author: Ernie Black
Twitter: @TheF1Poet

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