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#F1 : In Case You Missed It – USGP Poem on BallzRadio With @F1Sasha

by on November 22, 2012

This poem was written after the US GP in Austin this past weekend and shared with the infamous host of Gearz on Ballz Radio, Sasha Martinengo.  A big Thanks to everyone at Ballz Radio for the support!

Here is a link to Sasha reading my poem LIVE:

Welcome speed freaks
To Ballz Radio
It’s time For GEARZ
So enjoy the show

Let’s take a look back
At the US Grand Prix
Which was quite entertaining
As you might agree

Austin Texas
Would set the scene
For Formula One’s
Round Nineteen

The weather was cooler
Than first projected
But the warm Texas welcome
Was just as expected

With open arms
And American flair
The US Grand Prix
Was beyond compare

The FOTA Fan Forum
Was a huge success
The COTA Circuit
Was built to impress

Sweeping fast corners
And undulations
Gave drivers and fans
Odd naughty sensations

Vettel took pole
And scampered away
But Hamilton chased
To the German’s dismay

Lewis passed Vettel
And never looked back
Alonso lacked pace
To mount an attack

Massa was fourth
He was actually quite quick
But Webber retired
As his Red Bull was sick

At the end of the day
It’s still Vettel in front
Alonso’s behind
But still in the hunt

The final race
Will be the decider
It’s Vettel’s to lose
But Alonso’s a fighter

So it’s off to Brazil
For the Final showdown
Where one of these two
Will claim F1’s crown

Author: Ernie Black
Twitter: @TheF1Poet

From → F1 POEMS, Formula One

  1. Here’s the video of Sasha reading it!

  2. shaunnaharper2012 permalink

    This is brilliant! I love F1 and poetry….so kudos!

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