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FIA – Notes On The 2013 F1 Technical Regulations

by on November 26, 2012

Most of my readers know I stray away from the technical stuff.  I refer everyone who is interested in the technical details to my  friends; Craig Scarborough at and Matt Somers at . A great technical f1 forum can be found at

These gentlemen do a far better job explaining the workings and intricate details of an F1 car than I would.  They also do so quite easily and with sketches that allow the common fan to appreciate and understand things in a simple and straightforward way.

As a reference tool, I have included a link to the official Technical Regulations as put forth by the FIA for the 2013 F1 season.  The technical regulations are subject to change, however, you will find that the bulk of the changes will take place in the 2014 season document when the formula is set to change.

Much like the FIA’s Sporting Regulations document, you will find a number of definitions that make understanding the rest of the document much easier.  There are specific measurements that are outlined for those with attention to detail, as well as items like the following; which states the wheel is actually part of the suspension which many of us may not have been aware of:


Sub-section 1.6

Complete wheel :
Wheel and inflated tyre. The complete wheel is considered part of the suspension system.

Here is the link to the document which I’m certain will be useful in keeping many informed and entertained during the next 110 days of F1 off-season:$FILE/2013%20TECHNICAL%20REGULATIONS.pdf


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