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FIA – Notes On The F1 Sporting Regulations for 2013

by on November 26, 2012

For those of you that may not be aware, The FIA organizes the Formula One World Championship.  Most of you who follow the sport are aware that there are two championships.  One for the driver who collects the most points and one for the constructor/team, that does the same.  Both championships are actually property of the FIA.

Each participant is governed by a set of sporting regulations.  Constructors are governed by a set of Technical regulations as well.  Both sets of regulations are set forth and enforced by the FIA and World Motorsport Council.

The Sporting Regulations document identifies and defines several terms and entities.  It specifically stipulates and explains the rules most of us reference while wondering what was breached in certain situations.  This season we have seen drivers relegated to the back of the field for being unable to produce enough fuel for testing after qualifying or race.  It covers many topics such as testing, appeals, press conferences and podium  ceremonies.

There have been some great suggestions from fans and media  with respect to some of the sporting regulations.  One of which was the appointment of at least one permanent race steward to be present at all events.  This was suggested again recently in Austin at the FOTA FAN FORUM. The idea is to allow for more consistent rulings on race incidents.

Below is a link to the FIA’s  F1 Sporting Regulations for 2013.  The regulations are subject to change.$FILE/1-2013%20SPORTING%20REGULATIONS%2031-10-2012.pdf

Please take a moment out in the off-season to take a closer look at this document and get yourself more familiar with the sport we love.

Author: Ernie Black
Twitter: @TheF1Poet


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