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F1: Tribute To F1 Unsung Heroes

by on December 3, 2012

unsungDuring the US GP weekend in Austin Texas, the F1 Twitter legend we all know and love known as Fake Charlie Whiting (@charlie_whiting), was gracious enough to hand deliver some of my poems.  This poem was written as a tribute to three of Formula One’s unsung heroes, Doctor Gary Hartstein, Alan van der Merwe and Bernd Mayländer  .  They are rarely if ever in the spot light, however, not one race would be possible without their efforts.  We see them every GP weekend and our hearts pound harder as we see them thrashing those wonderful Mercedes AMG Safety car and Medical car round the circuits.  Perhaps even more fitting now as a tribute to Doctor Gary Hartstein who’s contract was not renewed by the FIA for some reason.

This here’s a tribute
To a few F1 chaps
That drive very fast cars
For very few laps

To Alan and Bernd
And Doctor Gary
And those cars I adore
By Merc AMG

The sound of which
Gets me very excited
Then soils my trousers
The moment their sighted

I thank you all
For the work you do
For the drivers and teams
And the whole F1 crew

You are silent heroes
Not in it for fame
Keeping things safe
In this Motorsports game

Desert heat or Monsoon
Regardless of weather
With nerves of steel
And tougher than leather

You’re always on point
And ready when needed
When the laws of physics
Are stressed and exceeded

I hope one day soon
To meet up with you all
Fake Charlie Whiting
Says you chaps are a ball

I’ll need an FIA badge
To sneak by Bernie
Or a crisp white sheet
And medical gurney

Whatever it takes
To spend time with you
Flying round Circuits
The way that you do

To all three of you
A pat on the back
For being top blokes
On and off track

Best wishes from me
Until one day with meet
Till then my friends
We’ll just have to tweet

Author: Ernie Black
Twitter: @TheF1Poet

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