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F1: A Quick Word About Will Buxton

by on December 4, 2012
Will Buxton holding a copy of this poem

Will Buxton holding a copy of this poem

Yesterday, I posted a tribute poem for three of Formula One’s unsung heroes, Doctor Gary Hartstein, Alan van der Merwe and Bernd Mayländer  .  The poem was hand delivered during the US GP weekend in Austin Texas by the infamous and lovable  F1 Twitter legend Fake Charlie Whiting (@charlie_whiting).   He also delivered a few other poems for me.  One was to another fan favorite, Will Buxton.  As some of you may be aware, Will worked for SPEED TV as a pit lane reporter, and was a valued member of Speed’s F1 team.  As you may also be aware, SPEED (member of the FOX Sports Media Group) lost the rights to broadcast F1 to a higher bidder, (NBCSports) for 2013.  This effectively saw some great journalistic and sport hosting personalities out of their F1 coverage role.  As such, I felt compelled to write a little poem for Mr. Buxton who really made an impact to SPEED’s F1 team and dare I say, he made his way into the hearts of F1 fans everywhere.



Will Buxton is a man
We’ve come to admire
To levels which many
Aim and aspire

A Motorsport journo
For a decade or more
A Pit lane reporter
That’s really top drawer

This is a thank you
From all your supporters
From circuit to circuit
And all drinking quarters

I missed you at Hurley’s
For the Canadian GP
So Fake Charlie Whiting
Will be my proxy

A pint to you both
From me to you
At the US Grand Prix
I hope will do

Best wishes to you
For what the future may hold
You’re lucky you’re charming
And you’re not too old

Joking aside
You do us all proud
You’re a silver lining
In rather grey cloud

Wherever you land
It will be on your feet
You’re clever and witty
And hard to beat

To you my friend
I raise my glass
Show them all how it’s done
And kick some ass!

Cheers Will, my best to you.  Hope to have a pint together in the future.

Author: Ernie Black
Twitter: @TheF1Poet

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