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#F1 Post Brazil GP Poem As Featured On BALLZ RADIO

by on December 5, 2012
Sasha And Disi - GEARZ on @BallzRadio

Sasha And Disi – GEARZ on @BallzRadio

This poem was written exclusively for Sasha Martinengo and the lovely Diana Fensham from the GEARZ program on BALLZ RADIO South Africa.   A big thank you to them both and the team at Ballz Radio for their on going support and particularly to Disi for reading the poem on air.

Microphone Check
One-Two, One-Two
It’s Ballz Radio LIVE
With the awesome GEARZ Crew

Ok F1 fans
The season is done
What a hell of a ride
DAMN that was fun

Right up to the end
They kept us guessing
What might happen next?
Even Bernie was stressing!

For today let’s look back
At the race in Brazil
Which played like a movie
With intentions to thrill

McLaren locked out
The full front row
With the Bulls right behind
And ready to go

As the lights went out
They launched off the line
Vettel had a poor start
But Alsono’s was sublime

Approaching turn four
Sebastian was spun
Thanks to contact with Senna
It appeared he was done

But with an injured Bull
He battled back
From dead last on the circuit
He would mount his attack

As the race went on
The circuit got wetter
Conditions got worse
Before they got better

From slicks to inters
Pitlane was frenetic
As strategists scrambled
To be somewhat prophetic

There were off track excursions
And on circuit clashes
And drivers retiring
Due to unfortunate crashes

Kimi and Schumi
Fought wheel to wheel
They were cool and collected
With nerves of pure steel

Alonso raced bravely
To snag second place
Defeat he accepted
With style and grace

He couldn’t catch Button
Who ran off with the lead
So the F1 title
He was forced to concede

By only three points
The title was won
Newey and Vettel
Would not be outdone

For Formula One
This chapter has closed
Now just stay calm
And remain composed

Just tune into Gearz
All Off-Season long
Sasha and Disi
Won’t steer you wrong

We’ll have F1 news,
Fun poems and more
Great guest interviews
And good times galore

Author: Ernie Black
Twitter: @TheF1Poet

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