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F1 2013 Car Launch Poem

by on February 4, 2013

I’m going to kick off the 2013 Formula One season of poetry with a poem about the car launches.  This was written before the first set of F1 tests in Jerez, so it will not include the cars launched during or after these tests.

So here we are, F1 is back
It all kicked off, with a car that was black.

Team Lotus was first, to launch their car
Hoping their E21, would set the new bar

Oh it was sexy and sleek, dressed in black and gold
With flashes of red and secrets untold

It kept its step nose, from the year that just passed
The weight that it saved, might help it go fast

McLaren was next, to undress their contender
It was silver and slick, curvaceous and slender

Jenson and Checo, were strolling around
But Paddy Lowe, was nowhere to be found

A double-header of launches, was next on the bill
To warm F1 fans from Winter’s cold chill

Sahara Force India’s, launch would be next
Only one driver, has left many perplexed

Maranello played host, to another unveiling
T’was a scarlet Ferrari, with sharp clever detailing

With pull rod suspension, reworked from last year
And a slotted wing, on its tight little rear

The F138, comes across as a flirt
With its step-less new nose and its short black skirt

Over the Alps, but not far a way
Off to Sauber’s launch, the following day

When the covers came off, my jaw hit the floor
In everyday terms, it was the “girl next door”

It was seductive and naughty, in an F1 way
Dressed in all 50 shades, of a lustful grey

The next two launches that eventually proceeded
Were slow and limp, and Viagra was needed

In Milton Keynes, Red Bull open their gate
But their launch was a topic, of much debate

Prohibiting guests to take any pics
And no 3G coverage, were among the antics

A beautiful car, that RB9
It’s a shame its launch, was borderline

The door went up slowly, in the Mercedes garage
Giving a dubious glimpse, like a desert mirage

The lights were dim, while their servers went down
Leaving fans dismayed and wearing a frown

Eventually presenting, their voluptuous beast
With delicate angles so carefully creased

STR launched, before the first test
The last team to do so, ahead of the rest

With a raging red bull and In silky blue paint
With gold accents abound and without a complaint

The rest will launch later with little fanfare
On track and online with reasonable care

Giving nothing away, as all eyes are a threat
What we saw in the launches, is not all that we’ll get

Author: Ernie Black
Twitter: @TheF1Poet

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