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#F1 Motorsport Jobs – February

by on February 11, 2013

As requested, here is a list of available motorsport employment opportunities for the month of February as of 02.11.13

OEM in Italy
+ E/E Engineers in the following areas:
+ Infotainment
+ Navigation
+ Telematics
+ Connectivity
+ Driver Assist
+ Body Electronics
2 x OEM IN Germany

+ Designer interior/Exterior style design
+ Electronics Engineers – LED Lighting or Fuel Pumps
+ E/E Architect
+ E/E Functional Safety
+ HIL Test Engineer
+ Electronics Customer Support Engineers
+ Mechatronic Engineers
+ Chassis/Body Electronics
+ Electronics Test Manager
+ Electronics Engineers – Chassis or Steering or Dampeners

Automotive & Motorsport Consultancy in Germany

+ Electronics Engineer – Hybrid & Electric Vehicles experience

2x Motorsport Teams in Germany

+ Composite Design Engineers
+ Composite Structural Design Engineer
+ Senior Mechanical Design Engineer

2x F1 teams based in Oxfordshire:
+ Composite Design Engineer
+ Model Design
+ Aerodynamics – Wind Tunnel
+ Aerodynamics – CFD
+ Mechanical Design Engineer

Motorsport team in Germany

+ Mechanical Design Engineer – (DTM, LMP1 OR F1 Experience)

Automotive and Motorsport Consultancy based in the Midlands:
+ Chief Electronics Engineer
+ Hardware Engineer
+ DFMEA Engineer
+ PMST – Seating
+ EFDVS Engineer
+ Roof Design Engineer
+ FMA Engineer
+ Design Engineer

F1 team in Italy:
+ Senior CFD Aerodynamicist
+ Senior Stress Engineer
+ Vehicle Dynamics
+ Aero Performance Engineer
+ Vertical Dynamics

For a Chinese Automotive Manufacturer with a UK R&D Center in Nottingham:

+ Design Engineer – Transmission – Pro – E
+ Gasoline Calibration Engineer
+ Combustion Engineer
+ Modelling and Simulation Team Leader
+ Principle NVH Engineer
+ Senior CAE Engineer

For more info on any of these roles please email or


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