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F1 : New McLaren Technical Director: Who Is Tim Goss?

by on February 25, 2013

Who is Tim Goss?

Born: February 28 1963

Nationality: Great Britain

It has been announced that Tim Goss has just been appointed as Vodafone McLaren’s Technical Director, effective immediately.  Goss replaces much revered Paddy Lowe who is understood to be taking a different role within the team (for now).

There has been much speculation over Lowe’s eventual move to Mercedes, which many believe to be imminent now.  The former McLaren Technical Director was absent from the new car launch which increased speculation.  It is thought that he will join Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes and eventually oust Ross Brawn at the German team.

It was also confirmed that Lowe will not be traveling to Australia for the first Grand Prix with the team either.  It seems as though the Woking team has begun distancing Lowe from day-to-day operations.  Some call this transition period, “Gardening Leave”.  It is an effective way, to ensure that the departing party remain out of the loop. By doing so, Lowe would remain under contract and thus bound to a confidentiality agreement which would ensure intellectual property etc… is not leaked.

For those of you who don’t know who Tim Goss is, he was McLaren’s former director of engineering.  He has been with the team since 1990 when he joined as a design engineer.

He graduated from Imperial college where he specialized in ignition of turbocharged engines.  I find it somewhat ironic that Paddy Lowe is actually giving a speech this week there.

Goss has held many positions at McLaren over the years and has contributed to several of the team’s championships.

McLaren is confident in Tim’s abilities to lead the team in this new role. The team has also alluded to the fact that Lowe will no longer be with the team as of 2014.

Goss is certainly capable and has the engineering background that can make him a successful successor to Lowe.

Many may see Lowe’s departure as a blow to McLaren and a clear advantage to Mercedes.  In life, we have learned that there are always two sides to each coin.  The move to Mercedes can as easily spell the beginning of the end for Lowe as much as a successful and fresh new start.  For Goss, the new role could see him stumble and become a scapegoat just as easily as he might be the missing ingredient that McLaren needed for success.

Time will tell us who was best served by this move.


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  1. gearsau permalink

    People thought that McLaren would fail when John Barnard left.
    People thought that McLaren would fail when Gordon Murray left.
    People thought McLaren would fail when Adrian Newey left .
    People hought McLaren would fail when xxxxxxxxx left.

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