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F1 Poem : Welcome To The Racer’s Edge

by on February 25, 2013

On March 14th, Peter Windsor will be launching a new F1 web show to replace The Flying Lap. The new show is understood to be called The Racer’s Edge. Very little detail has been released, however, in anticipation, I wrote the following poem to get readers ready!

Welcome all to The Racer’s Edge
F1’s best, to you we pledge

Let’s look forward, to a brand new year,
And kick this new season, into high gear!

Welcome Peter Windsor, as our guide and host
As he keeps us informed from coast to coast

We’ll take a look back, at the season that was
And all the events, that caused quite the buzz

We will discuss the rule changes, for 2013
And try to make sense, of what they will mean

We’ve got phenomenal guests, from the world of F1
With many great features, that won’t be outdone

With reviews and previews, from race to race
We’ll keep you informed, of the championship chase

Scarbs will be here, from time to time
With answers and sketches, which are simply sublime

Drivers signed and much pursued
And driver contracts, not renewed

On the season ahead, we have our sights set
Car launches and tests, have fans breaking a sweat

We welcome new faces, like Chilton and Bottas
As team mates and rivals, sit up and take notice

And a fond farewell, to HRT
Who will not return, due to bankruptcy

We will keep one eye, On Checo Perez
The other on Lewis, and what his Twitter feed says

Will this be the year, Ferrari will win?
Or again left wondering, what might have been?

Will Newey’s pen, be Red Bulls sword?
Will the RB9 yield Vettel’s reward?

Will Lotus improve and finally break free?
Will they have what it takes, to crack the top three?

With Paddy Lowe now off on “Gardening Leave”
What might Tim Goss have, up his McLaren sleeve?

The head games have started, in a bid to be best
While designers keep secrets, close to the chest

It’s a strategic match, to stay one step ahead
Between the lines, of what is unsaid

It’s a whole new season, in Formula One
Unpredictably teasing and bound to be fun

We’ll cover it all and do our best
So take a seat and be our guest

As sharp as a blade and as touch as a sledge
It’s the F1 show, The Racer’s Edge

Author: Ernie Black
Twitter: @TheF1Poet

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