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F1 Poem – The Waiting Is Over F1 Is Back

by on March 14, 2013


The wait is over, F1 is back
Everyone’s primed, to launch an attack

At Albert Park, in the land of Oz
No time to dwell, on the year that was

Vettel starts, his quest for four
With Hungry Heidi, the new girl next door

Winning for Webber, may prove to be hard
He’d love to claim victory, in his own backyard

But Alonso has plans, which might interfere
He wants the title, he didn’t win last year

But don’t forget Lewis, he’s ready to go
Though he’s feeling quite lonely without little Roscoe

Jenson is calm and quite relaxed
His shiny McLaren’s been washed and waxed

Checo’s got a new hair-do, it’s all been chopped
With his confidence soaring, he won’t be stopped

Kimi is ready, to reclaim his throne
He knows what he’s doing, so just leave him alone

Massa is willing, to show his support
Hoping his career, won’t be cut short

The F1 grid, new faces will see
There’s Chilton and Bottas and Jules Bianchi

Some other names, we must not discard
There’s Gutierrez and Van der Garde

Sutil returns with Force India
After much speculation by the media

I’ll give you a tip, watch this Hulkenberg chap
To get to the podium, he won’t need a map

The Williams looks sharp and the Marussia looks mean
Caterham is just stunning dressed in emerald green

The Sauber is sexy, some might say
Promiscuously dressed in shades of grey

The Twenty-twelve title was won in Brazil
A three point gap, proved quite the thrill

This year may be tighter, with five or six teams
With a legitimate chance of realizing their dreams

This season will be, one hell of a show
When those light go out baby, it’s Go Go Go!

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