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Australian GP – F1 Poem For #Gearz on @BallzRadio

by on March 19, 2013


Hello Gearz fans from the Ballz Nation
Get into formation and don’t dare touch the station

Sasha and Disi are in charge of narration
Of this “cyber airwave” assassination

Formula One, is back with a vengeance
There’s no time for hiding or sitting on fences

Drivers and teams, prepare their defenses
No lap times set, under false pretenses

Bringing weapons and tricks for focused offenses
Whatever it takes, without sparing expenses

A fan’s delight, as it teases all senses
Making hearts flutter, as the race commences

You’re fingers twitch, as the lights go out
In Albert Park, we cheer and shout

Vettel from pole, had zero doubt
But Webber’s poor start gave him reason to pout

Massa launched quickly, and danced about
Up to second he climbed, with a snarling snout

Alonso and Kimi, had reasons to grin
And McLaren seem to be, in a nasty tail spin

The Mercedes team, not far from Berlin
Thought they had, what it took to win

Rosberg retiring, was such a sin
Hammy’s third stop, was a knock on his chin

The victory was claimed by a flying Finn
The mysteriously charming Kimi Raikkonen

Across the line second was a man from Spain
Former Champion Alonso did not complain

Third was Vettel, whose Bull suffered no pain
This kid has an insatiable, thirst for champagne

Unfortunately Massa,missed the podium again
And Hamilton was fifth, much to his disdain

Sixth then was Webber whose drive was mundane
His abysmal start, he just can’t explain

Seventh was Sutil, with his career restart
Next was Di Resta, who took it to heart

Button was ninth, who drove hard and smart
But his McLaren seemed, to just fall off the chart

Romain tenth, he played his points part
Lotus bookends the points, like modern art

Off To Malaysia, no time to waste,
Back to back races, much to Sasha’s taste

With Disi’s presence, he’s often graced
They’re never caught, but often chased

Ernie Black


  1. dummydam permalink

    awesome man just awesome… i have read this one and the malaysian Gp poem. really like it. I also have a brand new sportsblog and i previewed Malaysian Grand Prix 2013 here

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