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F1 Poem: Pirelli Malaysian GP Preview

by on March 21, 2013

I wrote this next poem for Pirelli.  I was inspired by Mario Isola’s Pirelli Malaysian GP preview video yesterday.  I’m pretty certain a tyre preview has never been written in verse.  I hope you enjoy it.

It’s Formula One, round two in Sepang
Pirelli brought tyres, for the whole F1 gang

There are Inters and Wets, for inclement weather
Some drivers prefer it, the wetter the better

The hard compound tyre, with bright orange trim
Are considered the options, if the weather’s not grim

They are softer and faster, than they might appear
Up to five tenths quicker, than they were last year

The primes are made, of a medium compound,
Trimmed in sexy white letters, all shiny and round

They too are softer and much more aggressive
Those P-zero tyres, have been simply impressive

In Malaysia, the tarmac’s abrasive and rough
Making predicting pit strategies, a wee bit tough

Pirelli have done, what has been requested
In Formula One they are heavily invested

The impact they’ve made, cannot be denied
Improving the action on circuits worldwide

Formula One is already in Sepang and ready to go for round number two of the 2013 Championship chase.  In Australia, we saw again how teams and drivers are challenged by more than simply weather and circuit conditions.  Tyre management has become key. It is no longer a job left to the driver alone.  Engineers and designers are charged with the task of creating a car that is fast, reliable, easy and tyres. Being easy on tyres however, is not enough either as the cars must be designed in a way to allow for ample heat to be generated to allow them to work optimally within a certain range.

Pirelli has done a spectacular job of providing Formula One with exactly what the FIA had requested.  In turn, they have provided F1 fans with some of the most exciting and unpredictable racing we have seen in years.  Some may disagree, and that’s fine, it’s a matter of opinion.

As the poem indicates, there is only one step between compounds in Malaysia as opposed to the two steps we saw in Australia. Pirelli have brought the hard Pirelli P-Zero trimmed in orange, and the medium Pirelli P-Zero trimmed in white. The Hard tyre is softer than last seasons compound. In fact Pirelli have indicated that it is similar to the medium compound from last year.  It should be somewhere between three to five tenths quicker than last season’s hard tyre.

The medium P-Zero is considered the prime compound for this round.  It too is  softer and more aggressive.  A three stop pit strategy is expected by most teams.  Rain may play it’s part in Malaysia however as per usual. Malaysia offers some challenges.  The abrasive tarmac causes excessive wear and thermal degradation.

It should be another cracker!

Ernie Black

Twitter: @TheF1Poet

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