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F1 Poem – Malaysian Grand Prix Rewind

by on March 27, 2013


Well F1 fans, were in for a treat

The Malaysian Grand Prix, was less than discreet


Let’s go back to the start, when the lights went out

And cars slipped and slid, as they weaved about


The track was slippery and rather wet

Pirelli Inters were,  the safest bet


It was four cars a breast, as they launched off the line

At the end of lap one, Alonso’s wing was not fine


It dangled and dipped and then just as expected

It got stuck under the car, when it became disconnected


Out came the slicks, as the track became dry

But there was pit lane drama, as pit stops went awry


Force India had, a day to forget

Their troubled nuts, were their biggest regret


Button had issues, with one of his nuts

Driving off with three wheels, surely took guts


Hamilton’s error, wasn’t quite as extreme

He just stopped by to say hi, to his old team


The rest of the race, wasn’t quite as exciting

But drama unfolded, with some inner team fighting


Near the end of the race, two bulls were ahead

Followed by the Mercedes, by a 12 second spread


Team orders in play, there was absolutely no doubt

But that’s not how it happened, to play itself out


The call from pit wall, was “Multi 21”

That’s Red Bulls code, for “This race is done”


I guess Vettel did not get, the radio transmission

He misunderstood, by his own admission


Vettel passed Webber, as Mark was just cruising

He was a sitting duck, which was rather confusing


Meanwhile at Mercedes, Nico was quicker

Stuck behind Lewis, he was told not to bicker


On the podium, it was a sad sorry sight

It was quite obvious, something just wasn’t right


The drivers were sombre, as they went through the drill

Vettel might have been dead, if Mark’s looks could kill


No storybook ending for the Malaysian Grand Prix

More drama to follow, in F1’s round number three

Ernie Black

Twitter: @TheF1Poet

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