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F1 EXCLUSIVE: The Code 20 – 1 on 1

by on March 28, 2013


I recently announced The Code 20 as one of my official partners.  It’s time to give you a little insight into The Code 20 with a proper introduction.

Many of you may be asking what it is or who it is or even what it may be about.  Well wonder no longer.  I have the privilege to bring to you the exclusive One on One with The Code 20.

Ok, in the words of my lovely friend and The Code 20 founder Elena , “Let’s Rock n’ Roll”!

The Code 20 – 1 on 1

What is “The Code 20”

THE CODE 20 is a series of themed, Avant Garde parties that take place after the Formula 1 races at top venues in selective cities around the world.

The name derives from the maximum number of races that take place in the F1 calendar.  ‘The Code’ adds a mystery to the events as it is for those from within the paddock, for those who know. THE CODE 20 is a world of exclusivity — by invitation only–

One cannot buy tickets, you must be invited. The high end access passes vary for each event in terms of design and they are circulated throughout the paddock. In Austin they were dog tags, in Shanghai last year they were play cards in wax TC20 stamped envelopes. Guests must present them at the door to gain access.

The Code 20 is not just another night out with a boring and expensive bottle service. We travel all over the world to research, to dig out rare talent from different countries to create themes to the event, to bring on crazy shows….

For instance,at the first event in Shanghai in 2011, the theme was Forbidden CityM1NT club was decorated with Chinese lanterns, we built a cage where the dancers were dressed as exotic birds, we brought a Lady Gaga impersonator from Amsterdam. Last year, it was Maison Burlesque, this year ‘Trapeze from Paris’.

In Montreal, our hand-made dancers’ costumes were inspired by the movies TRON and Gladiator. In Monaco, we brought the infamous extravagant club THE BOX. In Austin, the whole paddock danced wearing LED American flag sunglasses…

How long has The Code 20 been rocking the F1 scene?

This is the 3rd year. It has taken place in Shanghai, Monaco, Montreal & Austin.

What events does The Code 20 specialize in?

Only EXCLUSIVE Formula 1 after parties (currently three events only per year)

Who are The Code 20‘s key partners/sponsors?

International and Nation sponsors include: Dom Perignon, Ritz Carlton,MUMM champagne, Ace of Spades Champagne, Belvedere & Moet, Pirelli,Jose Cuervo, Biotherm Homme, Chopard, UBS, Johnnie Walker, Sennheiser and the list goes on….

What’s different between The Code 20 and others that offer similar services?

The Code 20 is not pretentious and not for everyone. It is unconventional. It is not at all corporate.  No photography is allowed.  One does not come to be seen; one comes to be themselves. Guests come to simply enjoy the night after a hectic weekend at the track without worrying about the media. No advertising is needed, we are fortunate to be in high demand.

Who attends the parties, who are the events for?

  • Formula 1 drivers
  • Team owners
  • Paddock crews
  • F1 Sponsors
  • F1 family
  • Local “A” list socialite


How long does it take to organize the events?

  • Four months for each event

How many people does it take to make the events a success?

Many! The event is successful only if it is well-organized in extreme detail with close collaboration with the venue.

 If someone has never heard of The Code 20, how would you describe the company?

Whatever happens at THE CODE 20stays at THE CODE 20 It is really the one exclusive place that all the teams come together. They are relaxed after the race, they mingle with local “A-Listers” and enjoy unique performances. They are really themselves.

What is the ultimate goal of The Code 20?

To bring on even more breathtaking performances and always create unique concepts. I have had people from the paddock telling me that it was the best party they have been in their life…that is the pay back for me.

Where do you see the company in the future?

We would like to add a couple more events in the F1 party calendar.

How do you position the company strategically for F1?  Is it the ultimate event?  

It is the event full of surprises,high end, classy and Avant Garde. Guests never know what to expect or what they will experience.  It has the reputation of being the topic of discussion the next day by guests, at the airport on their way to the next f1 destination…

Do the parties take place only on the Sunday?

Yes, only post race. Drivers don’t generally go out any other day.



Thank you to Elena for her time and efforts in giving us this incredible insight into the world of F1 exclusivity.

Elena Chatzikonstantinou, M.Sc
Follow on Twitter @thecode20

Ernie Black

Twitter: @TheF1Poet

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