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F1 Poem: Good Times Aplenty via The Code 20

by on April 10, 2013

With Formula One in Shanghai this weekend, my official partners, The Code 20 will be on hand to host the Shanghai Grand Prix Closing Party.   In honour of this epic event , I think the time is right to share this poem with you all.

The Code 20

Please allow me, to introduce you
To “The Code 20” in it’s poetic debut

The stage shall be set, with this brief description
An exclusive world, behind mysterious encryption

It’s a 007, type of event
With exciting, exotic and seductive content

It’s the ultimate party, for Formula One
Where drivers and teams, kick back and have fun

With partners Ritz Carlton and Dom Perignon
The night shall continue from dusk until dawn

The Champagne that flows, is the highest of grades
From Moet and Mumm and of course Ace of Spades

Johnnie Walker and Pirelli, are always near
As are Jose Cuervo and Belvedere

It’s red carpet treatment, with incredible flair
It’s an “invitation only” type of affair

It’s not your typical, “night at the pub”
It’s the “Forbidden City”, at the M1NT Club

Chinese Lanterns and dancers in cages
And Martini glass pools with performers on stages

“Trapeze from Paris” or “Maison Burlesque”
And Gladiator costumes which are quite Romanesque

No photos allowed, this is not done for show
What might be in store? No one shall know

The F1 elite and all welcomed guests
Will feel their hearts beating, right through their chests

While dancing all night and swaying their hips
It’s always the highlight of their F1 trips

The stories and memories will always be plenty
At every event born of “The code 20”



Author: Ernie Black

Twitter: @TheF1Poet


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