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F1 : One on One Exclusive with Octane Photographic Ltd.

by on April 16, 2013

OP1_white_watermarkI’ve been fortunate to be able to welcome Octane Photographic as an official partner this year.  Their hard work, dedication, high quality and above all, passion is inspiring.

I’m very much looking forward to finally meeting Craig and Leanne in person in a few weeks time.  I’m hoping everything pans out as planned.  In the meantime, I want to introduce F1 fans to the amazing people behind the brand.

If you or someone you know is interested in the high-quality, high-resolution output produced by Octane Photographic, please find the contact information below.

I was able to steal away a few spare minutes with co-founder Leanne Wilson and took the opportunity to ask a few questions.  Let me then, introduce you all to Octane Photographic Ltd.

Q. Leanne, give me some history on where, how and why Octane was born

Craig and I had been in contact for a few months via the McLaren Fan Forum, we chatted about photography and over time we saw what each other could do with a camera. I was in my final year at University at the time, and wanted to get away before the final term so thought that ASI would be the perfect chance.

Craig needed a second for a newspaper which he was shooting with at the time, so he thought it was the perfect chance for us to work together.. Over the few months leading up to ASI we thought about ‘if we, could we’ make a go of ‘this’ photography thing. After a successful event shooting for the newspaper we thought why not!   We planned to set aside weekends  to cover events, especially with me being in final year I couldn’t take much time off while finishing my degree… Our 1st event trackside together was British GTs/ F3s at Oulton Park in 2010>


Q. Who is Octane? Who are your partners?

Octane Photos is myself and Craig and we cover the ‘Headline’ championships. We do have two associate photographers who help us out from time to time on events. They would cover the British Championships which clash with the bigger events when we are out of the country, 90% of the work on octane photos website is Craig and mine.


Q: What events does Octane cover and who covers what?

Octane photos mainly work within the single-seater championships, we like to build a stock of images of the up and coming kids that hope to be in F1 one day. Not only covering the championships, but from time to time we will sponsor a driver who has talent but maybe not the cash flow behind them. Last season we sponsored Kieran Vernon. Our main interests are single seaters and historic F1, though we do like to shoot bikes and GTs.


Q: Where is Octane heading? Where will Octane be in 5 years

We are taking each Motorsports season as it comes but we would like to grow our contacts and be known as a large supplier of single-seater formulae images across the major championships.  Also if time allows us we would like to attend more bike championships


Q: Give me some history behind you and what brought you here.

Both being interested in Motorsports, F1, Photography, these things brought Craig and I together via McLaren fan site…  and then not just only octane photos started but we became a couple….. and now getting married.


Q: What message do you want to convey to the public and potential clients?

‘Capture the moment, not just the image’ is our companies tagline, some of the events which we attend have amazing atmospheres, like Monza or Le Mans, sometimes its about capturing the fans reactions and interactions with the sport. Or sometimes its about capturing the real speed which the cars pass at…. or the beautiful sunlight which bounces off the cars which are polished to the highest standard or the low sunlight which casts a golden warm glow over the track. Or at night seeing the light trails disappearing off into the distance at speed. We want to capture these moments and convey them to our media outlets so an image can speak volumes within a written piece or for our fans on Facebook and twitter to enjoy and share these images…..


Leanne Wilson – Director and Creative & Social Head

BA HONS degree in 3D Design,  UK MSA accredited, MSV and Donington Park season accredited media.

Craig Boon – Director 

Craig Boon, accredited as UK MSA Media as well as a member of NUJ, also season accredited media for Donington Park and MSV circuits.

Author: Ernie Black
Twitter: @TheF1Poet
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