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F1 POEM – Chinese GP Review

by on April 16, 2013

Let’s quickly recap the Chinese Grand Prix
It was Formula One’s, round number three
Where Mercedes ruled, just one year ago
Would they do it again? Well, now we all know
Lewis took pole, for his new German team
His first win for Mercedes, would be quite the dream
For the Shanghai circuit, his car seemed to be moulded
But it’s not quite how, this Grand Prix unfolded
As the cars lined up and the lights went out
They launched off the line madly, scampering about
Fernando and Massa, were led by the Brit
Kimi’s start was just dreadful, one would have to admit
Pit stops ensued as teams played out their plans
Strategies from the pits were in Pirelli’s hands
Our friend Aussie Grit was in total dismay
Despair and disgust best described his day
For his unsafe release, Red Bull was fined
As one wheel flew off, Webber parked and resigned
Some fabulous drives, entertained a few fans
Sadly not many people were in the grandstands
Hulkenberg led the race, for just a few laps
Daniel Ricciardo flashed through the speed traps
Bianchi impressed as is now expected
And Button showed us all, why he’s still well respected
Oddly Vettel chased points instead of the win
Catching Lewis by the hair of his chinny chin chin
Alonso’s Ferrari, crossed the line first
His DNF in Malaysia had now been reversed

Kimi followed closely, just ten seconds back
With Hamilton third, then the rest of the pack

Some rather enjoyed the fine TV feed
Nando’s girlfriend’s quite sweet, I’ll gladly concede

DC on the podium, should have just asked some questions
Instead of spicy, suggestive and risque suggestions

It was all in good fun, and good for a laugh
Not nearly as bad as Seb’s f-bomb gaffe

The championship race has been blown open wide
Who might win the crown is for you to decide

It’s early days still, as we’re off to Bahrain
More protests are planned but F1 won’t abstain

Action on and off track which will be hard to beat
A cracking new season, we’re all in for a treat

Author: Ernie Black

Twitter: @TheF1Poet


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