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Adam Parr New Executive Director of Sported

by on April 17, 2013

It seems not long ago, I sent congratulations to Former Williams F1 Chairman Adam Parr for the success of his book, The Art of War – 5 Years in Formula One.

Now, it is again time to congratulate him as he has accepted the role of Executive Director at Sported.

If you have not heard of , allow me to catch you up quickly. Sported is a charitable foundation which assists British athletes in achieving excellence and results at competitions, in particular, in the Olympics.  It also works at ensuring their repeated success in subsequent competitions.

Sir Keith Mills is the Sported foundations founder and chairman. He and his team have made Sported the leading organization in the drive for Olympic excellence.

Wishing Adam and Sported much success in building a great sporting legacy for Britain and it’s athletes.

Follow Adam Par on Twitter: @adam_s_parr

To donate, get involved or become a member, visit the Sported website at :


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  1. Thank you F1 Poet for your good wishes. I am very excited about doing something in sport but perhaps with a broader focus. Of course, I will still follow F1 though … ASP

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