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F1 Poem : Pirelli Bahrain GP Preview

by on April 17, 2013

Again, inspired by Pirelli’s Racing Manager, Mario Isola’s Bahrain Preview,  I decided to put together this poem.  It’s rather difficult to do this in verse, so it certainly not my best work.  As Pirelli is such an important partner of the sport we love, I wanted to at least try to offer something in the way of a dedicated Pirelli Bahrain GP Preview.


Off to Bahrain for round number Four
Let’s check in with Pirelli to see what’s in store

Pirelli has decided to make a small change
And bring two harder compounds from their F1 range

Teams will be running the mediums and hards
While carefully guarding their pit strategy cards

Conditions are hot and the asphalt abrasive
And some sand on the track may be quite persuasive

Turns four to seven will require some wits
No precision driving through these twisty bits

Under heavy braking as the cars are slowed
Turns one and ten produce incredible load

Traction is tested to the furthest extent
As into turn one, the cars make their descent

From 300 kilometers to just 65
In under three seconds as the cars skid and dive

Gravitational forces of at least 5 Gs
As the Pirelli P-Zero’s handle pressure with ease

It’s not tyre wear which will cause some frustration
As the rear tyres may suffer thermal degradation

The hard compound tyres should last seventeen laps
Without sacrificing speed through the circuit’s speed traps

The mediums instead should last roughly fifteen
When the track rubbers in and isn’t too green

A three stop race is what is expected
But one more or one less will not be rejected


Author: Ernie Black

Twitter: @TheF1Poet

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