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F1: One of Those Days for Ferrari

by on April 23, 2013
Fernando Alonso - Scuderia Ferrari

Fernando Alonso – Scuderia Ferrari

Have you ever  had one of those days?  Have you ever felt as though, no matter what you did, you simply couldn’t win.  I think the term is, “Can’t win for losing” which is defined by as, “A phrase meaning that things would be going great for you if they weren’t going so badly.”

 The above term comes to mind at times when we think back at certain Formula One Grand Prix’.  For instance, Ferrari had a day to forget in Bahrain this past weekend.  On lap seven, Felipe Massa damages his front wing end plate.  The damage is not critical but the car’s handling is slightly impacted. Just one lap later, teammate Fernando Alonso is forced to pit because his DRS wing was stuck wide open.  This would only be the beginning of what would prove to be a difficult, challenging and rather fruitless day for the Scuderia.

On lap nine, Alonso is forced to pit again as his DRS fails to close after having been engaged.  Fernando is forced to compete for the rest of the race without the use of DRS which placed the Spaniard at a severe disadvantage.

On lap eleven, Massa pits together with Vettel but is unable to exit the pits and re-join ahead of Button while Vettel is able to sneak out ahead. In just seven laps, (lap 18), Massa is forced to pit again for a delaminated right rear tyre.  After gambling with a tyre choice and starting the race with the hard compound tyre as opposed to the medium, Massa’s potentially advantageous strategy is nullified.

Stuck in midfield traffic, both Ferrari drivers battled to gain positions to sneak into the points while the race leaders increase their lead.

Massa suffers yet another right rear tyre failure and is forced to stop for new rubber on Lap 37.  Things seem to be going from bad to worse for the

team and the struggling Brazilian who had started the race with much promise.

On lap 40 Alonso and Perez both had pitted for tyres, after which a great battle took shape.  There was some very impressive and “edge of the seat” racing from Alonso, Button and Perez around lap 47.  Without the use of DRS, Alonso somehow found a way to get himself into the points.

On lap 54 Perez and Alonso continue their epic battle and there was some contact. Perez may have been a wee bit aggressive as he pushed Alonso wide and off of the circuit.  The sandy off-road excursion certainly did not help the Spaniard’s degrading tyres.

Ferrari finished the race with only one of its drivers collecting points with Fernando Alonso crossing the line P8 and Felipe a distant P15.  Both drivers, having made four pit stops, two (each) of which, were unscheduled.

Sometimes, you just can’t win…


I should mention, as a side note that Sergio Perez slots into the category of not being able to win for losing as well.  The Mexican had been told by his team to be more aggressive.  They wanted him to abandon his overly conservative approach and see a little more fight from him.  In so doing, Perez came under fire from his team, team-mate and rivals for perhaps being too aggressive.  Some fans and pundits defended the young McLaren driver.  They argued that Perez did not break any sporting rules and instead provided some great action.

Author: Ernie Black

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