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F1 POEM: Bahrain GP Review

by on April 29, 2013

Here is the Bahrain GP review F1 Poem.  F1 fans had much to get excited about.  We witnessed some great wheel to wheel battles and great action.  Ferrari had a dismal day and Lotus has further established itself as a title contender.

With Shanghai behind us and another great race
The championship hunt is picking up pace
It was off to Bahrain, for some fun in the sand
Sadly not enough fans, to fill a single grandstand
With Nico on Pole and penalties dealt
The desert heat, was certainly felt
Alonso and Vettel, made a cracking good start
But the Spaniard’s race, fell quickly apart
His DRS flap, was stuck open wide
A back to back win, would now be denied
There were epic battles and wheel to wheel scraps
By Perez and Button and a few other chaps
Shockingly Massa, wasn’t more animated
When twice his rear tyre, delaminated
His plan was crippled and in utter shambles
Unable to make use, of his hard tyre gambles
Lap after lap, Vettel managed his lead
His rivals again, would have to concede
His desire to win, Vettel could not disguise
As he glanced at the podium with bedroom eyes
It was Vettel who had, this win in the bag
He was first to see, the chequered flag
Kimi and Romain, would complete the top three
Savouring this, like a nice spot of tea
Force India aiming, to be best of the rest
Di Resta in fourth, adding to his points quest
Followed by Lewis, Perez and Webber
Then Alonso in eighth, who could do no better
Rosberg and Button, rounded out the top ten
In less than three weeks, they’ll all try again
The Pirellis were fine, no need to complain
When F1 touches down in beautiful Spain
It’s early days still and too close to call
But F1’s title race, is turning into a brawl

Author: Ernie Black

Twitter: @TheF1Poet

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