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How To Identify F1 Drivers – For Craig Scarborough

by on April 29, 2013

Back by popular Demand….

The F1 Poet - Ernie Black

Back by popular demand!

A humorous look at how to identify F1 Drivers.

Yesterday I was listening to PitStopRadio with special guest Craig Scarborough.  Craig is a technical wizard when it comes to Formula One.  He is known to thousands of his fans as  Scarbs (twitter: @ScarbsF1) for whom he explains technical aspect of the sport we love in easy to understand terms.  He often sketches various bits to help explain how everything works.

As I listened to Craig go on about this car and that car, and what the changes were between this season and last season, I marveled at how he was able to remember it all.  I wondered how he kept it all sorted in his head.

On Twitter, I sent him a quick message telling him how impressed by that I was.  His response was,

@thef1poet @pitstopradio thanks, but on the…

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