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F1 Tribute Poem: Remembering Ayrton Senna

by on May 1, 2013

I had started to write this post with different intentions.  After a few paragraphs I realized that the best course of action is just to say this…

The first of May, marks that dreadful day,

When Ayrton Senna, passed away

One of the greatest, we may ever have seen

Precise and methodical, he made winning routine

So focused was he, that he’d be entranced

With severe tunnel vision, his car tip-toed and danced

His battles with Prost, pushed them to new limits

Ahead of the pack, by not seconds but minutes

A rain master of sorts, remember Monaco?

In heavy rains , he put on a show

Brazil ’91, with only 6th gear

A wet victory, for his home fans to cheer

It’s been 19 years, since the legend’s death

In the hearts of his fans, despite his last breath

A moment of silence, for the F1 great

As he looks down on us,  from behind Heaven’s gate

AUTHOR: Ernie Black


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