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F1 Poem: Tribute To Gilles Villeneuve

by on May 8, 2013
I wrote this poem as a tribute to one of my heroes a while ago.  Gilles is probably the reason I’m such an F1 nut case.  As a young impressionable boy, here was this little Canadian in a red Ferrari driving like a man possessed.  I pretended to be Gilles when I played with my little F1 model cars.  My father was a big fan and he would get just as excited, which made it even more exciting as my father is still my hero.   He drove a shiny red sports car too and nothing made me happier than driving with him or sitting down a GP weekend to watch an F1 race.

I was too young to understand his death, but as I grew older and watched more footage of him, I realized just how amazing this little bundle of nerves was.


This is a tribute, to the legendary Gilles

A mad man of sorts, with extraordinary skill


The fiercest competitor, we may ever have seen

Live on track or on a TV screen


A bundle of nerves, contained by a race suit

When the lights went out,down went his right boot


He’d rather crash, then lift off the throttle

The ultimate rival and “Bad Boy” Model


Others tried to brake late, to gain his position

But he’d simply brake later, under every condition


Over the kerbing, round corners he slid

Pushing faster and harder, he was a big happy kid


Under his helmet, he must have smiled with delight

As he frustrated rivals, without the slightest contrite


Somewhat unpopular, among fellow drivers

Due to risky maneuvers, for which few were survivors


T’was for this reason, he was adored by fans

He held their hearts, in the palms of his hands


His status as legend, cannot be denied

From the moment of death, it was bona fide


To that crazy Canadian, who I loved as a child

Who was masterfully skilled and uncontrollably wild


I tip my hat, as I bow my head,

Thirty-one  years today, that you’ve been dead


Watching you race, was always a thrill

Forever a legend, I’ll remember you Gilles


Author: Ernie Black



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