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F1 Spanish GP: Thursday Paddock Photos – A humours look at the first day in Spain

by on May 9, 2013


Vettel in Spain, caused a media fever. He turned up with haircut, like Justin Beiber


Romain admired Seb’s new do. He’s now considering a personal style review


Lewis is uncertain, of this new look. He’s sending his stylist a photo he took

Pic and Panis

Pic begged Panis, to grow his hair. He thinks Olivier needs a little more flair.


Some are upset, they don’t like Seb’s new coiffe. Giving disapproving looks while they stare and scoff.


Daniel Ricciardo smiled and chuckled. He laughed so hard, his poor knees buckled!


This caused Vettel, to shed a tear. Seeking refuge so he could disappear


Ross Brawn was not phased, he was unimpressed.  His hair’s always perfect, and never messed


Esteban was mesmerized, as he sat and gazed with wanting eyes


This poor chap, was so distraught, he forgot to use the microphone he brought!


Pedro packed up and left the track. He’s getting a new haircut before he comes back


It’s all been approved, by the FIA.  So that’s it from Spain on this F1 Thursday

Twitter: @thef1poet

Big thanks to my partners Octane Phototographics for providing the images.

All images are property of Octane Photographic Ltd. All rights reserved.


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