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F1 : Pit Stop Radio Celebrates One Year of Success

by on May 12, 2013

On May 11th, Pit Stop Radio celebrated one year of success.  Host Sarah (@F1_Fans_updates), sadly suffers from F1 fever.  I’m afraid it’s terminal and quite contagious.  The online show aired twice per week has attracted an impressive guest list.  Hop online and bookmark this link: and follow on Twitter @PitStopRadio

Here is my little tribute and one year anniversary gift to PSR

It’s Pit Stop Radio, live on online
It’s brilliantly clever by pure design

With fabulous guests and a great live panel
It’s the ultimate F1 fan radio channel

Sarah had this idea, and boy was it hot!
So one year ago, she gave it a shot

Spawned from passion and driven by fans
It’s surpassed and exceeded original plans

It’s purpose is clear, like bright sunny weather
Sharing F1 opinions which brings fans together

There are lively debates and serious discussions
But things are kept lite so there aren’t repercussions

Have I mentioned the guests? They’re really top drawer!
I mean Crofty and Scarbs, Jennie Gow and more!

Peter Windsor dropped by, he’s a lovely chap
Sharing stories and tales, lap after lap

Dr. Hartstein shared his stories of Sid
A top bloke that Gary, he’s simply splendid

But there’s so much more to this wonderful show
It’s an hour or two where we can all let go

Competitions for points than can win you a prize
And fun friendly banter that’s both witty and wise

It’s just the start, there’s much more to come
We’re  primed and ready to kick some bum

DRS is deployed and KERS button pressed
We’re not just fans, we’re F1 obsessed!

So strap yourself in, we’re coming up fast
PSR is the ultimate, Pole Position Podcast

So on this day of the 11th of May
Let’s wish Pit Stop Radio a Happy Birthday!

Author: Ernie Black

Twitter: @TheF1Poet

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