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F1 Poem: Spanish GP Review in Verse

by on May 14, 2013



Let’s look back, at the last Grand Prix
And do it with style… poetically
Formula One arrived in Spain
And on Friday morning was greeted by rain
Right from the start, Alonso showed pace
He needed results, here at his home race
The story would change, on Saturday
All but Mercedes, were in dismay
Rosberg on pole, he put on a show
He and Lewis locked out the front row
No one in Spain, could see this coming
Those silver arrows were really humming
Parade lap done and cars lined up
An F1 storm, brewing in a teacup
Off the line with impetuous haste
The man up front was impatiently chased
Lewis locked up into turn one
Then Vettel jumped Lewis and got the job done
Alonso passed both, round the outside
A podium finish he would not be denied
As the race continued, the Mercs dropped back
Unable to challenge or mount an attack

Lewis exclaimed, “I can’t go any slower”
His Merc must have felt, like a riding lawn mower
On lap 35, Hulk and Vergne collided
T’was a pit stop release, that was somewhat misguided
Alonso in front and stretching his lead
Then eventually coasting his prancing steed
By the final stages, Kimi settled in second
It’s the best he could do, the flying Finn reckoned
Massa did well, from ninth into third
Which meant Vettel’s podium, would now be deferred
Seb lost this battle, but he’s winning the war
If he wants a fourth title, he’ll have to do more
That’s it from Spain, now on with the show
As the F1 circus heads to Monaco

Twitter: @TheF1Poet


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