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F1 : Red Bull To Run Four Cars in 2014?

by on May 16, 2013

Will Red Bull really run four cars in 2014? Well, not quite…

Earlier this year, I posted an article about Red Bull sister team Scuderia Toro Rosso making the switch from Ferrari power to Renault.  This move is very significant for many reasons.  After yesterday’s conversation with a person I hold in high regard within F1’s inner circle, I realized just how significant this switch really is.

Toro Rosso, still based in Faenza Italy, (which was the home of the perennial favorite underdogs Minardi), will also be able to marry the same gearbox as Red Bull uses with its Renault engine.  While there will be differences between one team and the other, it was brought to my attention yesterday, that in theory, STR could essentially become Red Bull’s testing team while still competing. Due to the relationship between the teams and the fact that they will be using identical drivetrains, there is a possibility of direct or indirect information sharing.

Neither team would be testing specific parts for each other, we know for certain that we will never see a Red Bull front wing on a Toro Rosso, for example. However, one cannot deny nor discount the value of having two closely knit teams running this setup in a time of such extreme changes and unknowns in the new turbo formula.

I was asked how convenient I thought it might be for Red Bull to have STR running the exact same engine and gearbox setup. Is it brilliantly clever or is it irrelevant? I believe that if information is legally allowed to flow through supported channels (ie. Renault), then it does seem fairly clever.

There will be many unknowns  in Formula one in 2014.  The pecking order may change but the best will always rise to the top. With two cars or four, you can bet that Red Bull will find a way to be competitive. That is a testament to Adrian Newey and the team that has been assembled in Milton Keynes.


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  1. So I know that customer cars are illegal, but does that mean that team’s cannot share development information between one another?

    Technically, I guess RBR and STR are the only two teams that would real benefit from this relationship, but I do wonder if it is possible. Then STR could be an official testing team…

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