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F1 Sponsorship – Ask Your Questions I’ll Get Them Answered

by on May 24, 2013

0694LW7D7747Today I will be meeting with the president of a company that brokers F1 sponsorship deals.  His work and the work of his team essentially help give F1 cars their flashy livery, as well as generate the money to operate.

This side of F1 is not often explored.  As always, I’m working on bringing you unique features such as this.

If you have questions about F1 sponsorship such as, how it works, how much it costs, please comment on this article within the next two hours and I will ask your questions and post the answers in a follow up article.


Have you heard any rumors?

Will Vodafone be replaced by TelMex at McLaren?

Is Coca Cola looking at increasing their global presence in F1 beyond their BURN brand?

Why are the driver names taking up prime F1 car real estate on the Lotus?


Go on – fire off some questions and I will ask them!


Ernie Black


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