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Canadian GP Diary – Page Two

by on June 2, 2013

paddockThanks for joining me on my adventures for the 2013 Canadian GP.  Part of preparing for any Grand Prix is the usual check of items to be packed.  Some make a list while others wing it.  I tend to be on the anal side, and make a list while I rack my brain over every scenario.  Sometimes I feel my true calling may have been to be a Boy Scout leader.

Technology is something we depend on greatly, perhaps even more when you travel for work.  One tends to bring as much as possible along to make any hotel room, or airport lounge, feel as close to being in the office or home as possible.  You certainly don’t want to be caught with your pants down when you’re working on the move.  To give you an idea of what I’m bringing along to be F1 Paddock ready, here is my list; laptop, tablet, smartphone, digital voice recorder, SD memory cards and micro SD, camera, batteries, wireless Bluetooth keyboard, power supplies and chargers, and of course my trusty Bose ear-buds with microphone.

As the unofficial F1 Poet and freelance journalist, I’m bringing along my business cards.  One never knows when an opportunity might present itself after all.  This year, I’m also bringing selected printed and signed copies of some of my most popular poems.  I plan to hand some out during the usual Tweet-Ups at local pubs and parties.  Last year I wrote a tribute poem for Charlie Whiting but sadly it never made it into his hands.  I’ve brought a few printed copies of it as well in the event we happen to bump into each other.

As some of you may know, my e-book was published just a few weeks back, therefore, I’m having a few copies printed to bring with me.  The cost of printing an e-book with images can be quite high.  As such, I’ve placed a small order, though to be honest, I’m not certain if it will actually be ready by the time I leave for Montreal.

I’ll be attending a few parties, so I need to ensure I pack more than just my Gilles Villeneuve T-shirts and Calvin Klein jeans.  I never know what to bring in terms of clothing to Montreal.  It could be just as hot as Miami some years or as cold as and wet as London in early spring.  I think a stop in to visit my friend Max at the F1 Boutique on St. Paul in old Montreal is in order.


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