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Canadian GP Dairy – Page Four

by on June 4, 2013

DSCN4164When it comes to racing, motorsports and fast cars, many of us are armchair critics.  We fantasize about driving fast cars around race tracks and envision ourselves braking later and ducking up the inside of the car in front.  The truth is, very few people have the opportunity to live out their petrol head fantasies.  It is a sad reality that financial restraints are the limiting factor.

Yesterday I spent the day with 50 or so petrol heads that truly get to enjoy their cars the way DSCN4136they were intended to be enjoyed.  If you’ve been following this little mini series, you may already know that my host yesterday was my friend Peter Cheney, Globe and Mail columnist for the Drive section.  Peter is meticulous, checking and adjusting tyre pressures and checking tyre temperatures, ensuring all systems are perfect before heading out on the track to let all the ponies under the hood, out to play.  Spending the time on the circuit with Peter was a memorable experience, however, just having had a chance to listen to Peter’s stories was incredible.  He is a man with a lifetime of experiences and true passion for the automobile.


Peter respects the rules and the others on track and is fully committed to safety.  He is also very committed to performance and the perfect lap.  Time and time again, I watched Peter nail every apex.  He is so smooth, he’s gingerly and so very precise.

Peter’s Lotus Evora is a perfect Track-Day car.  It’s well balanced, handles a dream and has just enough grunt to make the experience enjoyable and not scary.  While many of us believe we can mimic our F1 heroes, a track day at the wheel can be humbling experience where our limits are found, explored and realized.

In preparation for the Canadian GP, I’ve got so much to do as one might imagine.  Setting up my interviews for my time in the Paddock as DSCN4131well as my evenings.  Tweet-ups and rendezvous are just as important.  Networking is key and it has historically been easier to have a few words with team personnel and drivers when things aren’t so formal…especially over a pint.

As today is my wedding anniversary, I’m calling it a day.  I have to pack my bags, check my list, and get everything ready.  Tomorrow morning, I leave at 7am for what will be my 22nd Canadian GP.


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  1. Tribute Racing permalink

    That’s a gorgeous Lotus.

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